The Values Game
The Values Game
The Values Game
The Values Game

The Values Game

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Discussing values and standards.

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‘The values game’ consists of 140 colourful playing cards. The cards are divided into 3 groups: values, standards and themes.

The playing cards stimulate the players to indicate which values and standards they think are important in relation to a certain theme.

The intention of this game is to have you discuss values and group norms. As a result of this you will not only become more aware of what you aspire to, but you will also get to appreciate another person more.

Furthermore, this game is an aid to reaching consensus in your group, team or organisation, on the values and norms that you all consider to be important. The game may play a part in the process of discussing values and norms, but it should not direct or impose any particular value or norm!

This game also exists in Dutch: Waarden- en normenspel.

By Peter Gerrickens, Marijke Verstege and Zjef van Dun.

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2de graad secundair onderwijs
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Deelnemers 14 - 18 jaar
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Ondernemerschap & Organisatiemanagement
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30 - 90 minutes
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2 - 12 players

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