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The Feedback Game (ENG)


Getting a view upon personal qualities and pitfalls.

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Type spel Koopspel
Thema Communicatie & Feedback, Sociale Vaardigheden, Talenten & Competenties
Setting Onderwijs, Jeugdwerk, Op de werkvloer, Gezinnen, Andere
Leeftijd 14 - 16 jaar, 16 - 18 jaar, 18 + (Volwassenen)
Taal Engels
Aantal spelers 2 - 12 players
Aantal begeleiders 1 trainer
Speelduur 30 - 120 minutes
Trefwoorden feedback, coaching, training, Peter Gerrickens, strenghts, pitfalls, qualities

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By playing 'The Feedback Game', you will find out how well you know yourself and the other players. How do you view others? What image do others have of you? Perhaps others see strengths in you that you didn't even know you had.

‘The Feedback Game’ consists of 140 cards. 70 portray human strengths (flexible, creative, reliable ...) and 70 portray human weaknesses or pitfalls (arrogant, untidy ...). By using the cards the players get a better view on their qualities and pitfalls. Moreover, they discover which qualities they want to develop. 

By Peter Gerrickens and Marijke Verstege.


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The Feedback Game (ENG)

The Feedback Game (ENG)

Getting a view upon personal qualities and pitfalls.

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