75 tools for creative thinking


A fun card deck for everyone who needs creative inspiration.

Includes 5 card categories:

  • Get started
  • Check around
  • Break it down
  • Break free
  • Evaluate & Select

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Type spel Koopspel
Thema Bedrijfscultuur & Organisatieontwikkeling, Communicatie & Feedback, Inspraak & Participatie, Samenwerking & Teambuilding
Setting Op de werkvloer, Andere
Leeftijd 18 + (Volwassenen)
Taal Engels
Aantal spelers 2+
Trefwoorden Creative thinking, problem solving, maximising your skills, reflecting, analysing, associating and using your intuition to come up with new ideas.

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Enter the world of creative thinking. A world where you can maximise your skills, reflect, analyse, associate and use your intuition to come up with new ideas.

These tools will help you and your team to be creative in any situation or problem you may encounter.

  • Creative tools for everybody: all the creative tools used by professionals translated in a simple and clear way, regardless of your profession or background.
  • Applicable in any situation: the tools will guide any process where new ideas are required. This toolbox contains 5 card categories, each suitable for different goals, teams and time scopes.
  • Explained step by step: each card displays a series of steps to follow in order to help you get inspired, organise your ideas and boost your creative thinking skills.

The different tools are based upon different techniques and works of a.o. Anthony Buzan, Seonaidh McDonald, William Gaver,... and Albert S. Humphrey's S.W.O.T. analysis technique and is inspired by the Six Hats of Edward de Bono.

Written and designed by Booreiland