SoWhat?! The Gayme


#SoWhat?! The Gayme is a playful conversation method to discuss sexual diversity and gender. 

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Type spel Koopspel
Thema Relaties & Seksualiteit
Setting Jeugdwerk, Onderwijs
Leeftijd 12 - 14 jaar, 14 - 16 jaar, 16 - 18 jaar, 18 + (Volwassenen)
Taal Engels
Aantal spelers 8 -24 players
Aantal begeleiders 1 game facilitator
Speelduur 50 - 100 minutes
Trefwoorden gender, sexual diversity, LGBT, transgender, tolerance, relationships, stereotypes

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During #SoWhat?! The Gayme youngsters get the opportunity to discuss and get to know more about sexual diversity and gender. These themes are made discussable using a playful and lighthearted approach. 

The players and the facilitator make agreements in advance on what they can and can’t discuss and how to react to each other’s statements in a respectful manner.

In this game 40 illustrations cards are used. They are divided into four categories with each their own colour. This way you can easily select the themes you want to use.

  • Boundaries: when are the lines crossed? What don't you like? How do you react to bullying?
  • My environment: do you know any famous LGBT people? How do people you know react to LGBT people?
  • Boys and girls: is the color blue only for boys and pink for girls? What is a real boy? What is a real girl?
  • Relations: is there always someone 'the man' and someone 'the woman' in a same sex relationship? How do you react when your friend of the same sex is in love with you?

In the manual you will also find guiding questions for the debriefing of the game and background information about sexual diversity.

This publication consists of three parts: 

  • Manual of the game 
  • 40 illustrations
  • Gender Bender: a tool to help you explain gender and sexual diversity in a visualized way. 

Commissioned by Wel Jong Niet Hetero vzw, in collaboration with PAJ (Platform Allochtone Jeugdwerkingen) and VSK (Vlaamse Scholieren Koepel) en with the support of the Flemish Government. 


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SoWhat?! The Gayme

SoWhat?! The Gayme

#SoWhat?! The Gayme is a playful conversation method to discuss sexual diversity and gender.