A learnalicious game + Road book for (DIY) 'playitects'

A learnalicious game + Road book for (DIY) 'playitects'

  • 'A learnalicious game': provides a framework to help you get a thorough insight into play, learning and learning through play-experience.
  • 'Road book for (DIY) playitects': a good guide and something to keep you on track while starting to create a game

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Do you want to develop an educational game by yourself?

Download our 2 publications: 

1/ A learnalicious game - the basic theory for playologists

A few basic theories concerning play. Learning and learning through play-experience. Give you more insight into the topic - a godsend for people who want to pair practice with theory or vice versa. Go through the theory and link it up with your practical experience. Can you see room for improvement? Could the theory help you get a better grip on education? Make the most of this rich resource!

2/ Road book for (DIY) 'playitects'

You have taken up the challenge, the first step toward a game²! How can you raise your game to the next level? We offer you a sound road book to help you keep on track. 

Both publications are edited by De Aanstokerij ‘More than just a game’.

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