Needs and Feelings cards - De Aanstokerij
Needs and Feelings cards - De Aanstokerij
Needs and Feelings cards - De Aanstokerij
Needs and Feelings cards - De Aanstokerij

Needs and Feelings Cards

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The Needs and Feelings Cards are the perfect tool to work with Mindful Communication.

Needs and Feelings Cards
  • Cardboard box
  • Plastic box (discount of 10%)

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With his theory on Nonviolent Communication, Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg kickstarted a new perspective on communication. Since then, ‘mindful connection’ has become a more prevalent term, but the principles behind it have remained the same.

Appreciate yourself and others. Do it often and spontaneously. Dare to ask for what you need. It doesn’t hurt to ask. To forge a connection it is important to speak clearly and without coercion, and to listen to what others are feeling and needing.


Anyone ages 12 and up who want to work towards mindful connection . This playful method can be used one on one, or in a group.


  • Detecting and/or expressing feelings
  • Detecting and/or expressing needs


This box contains colourful, illustrated cards: 55 feelings cards and 50 needs cards. Every card contains an image and one or more terms.

Some feelings cards are: grateful, confident, curious, relieved, furious, …

Some needs card are: movement, being heard, equality, understanding, cooperation, …

These cards offer many different perspectives on needs and feelings.

  • Use the cards to examine your needs, their importance, and whether or not they are being met
  • Arrange the feelings cards according to intensity
  • Which needs are being fulfilled in your organisation? Which needs does the organisation want to ensure?

A small manual with hints and advice is included.

Developed and produced by De Aanstokerij.


// For the French version: 'Cartes de sentiments et de besoins'.

// For the Dutch version: 'Gevoels- en behoeftekaarten'.

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